Course Location Egypt - Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh (known as "Sharm") is the destination for exploring the oldest part of Egypt. It is a popular port and resort town located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula. The city offers the best places for beach lovers to submarine, and the combination of sea and mountains makes this destination an irresistible beauty. Sharm El Sheikh has also become a hub for music, restaurants and music for the entire region.

Egypt - Sharm El-Sheikh
Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Sector
Artificial Intelligence Essentials for Businesses
How AI will Shape Our Future
AI & Machine Learning in Python
The AI Revolution

The AI Revolution

Feb 10 ,2025 - Feb 16 ,2025 Course Details
Strategic Uses for Artificial Intelligence
Generating Value Using Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence for Business Leaders
Money Markets, FOREX & Global Banking
Recent Developments & Changes in the Financial Sector
International, Commercial & Secure Payment Methods
International Banking Laws

International Banking Laws

Feb 10 ,2025 - Feb 16 ,2025 Course Details
Personal & Private Wealth Management
Financial Intermediation in Banking
Sustainable Banking Methodology
The Transformation into Digital Banking
Corporate Transportation Fundamentals
Engineering Architecture & Transportation Standards