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Rome is the capital of Italy. It is the city where...

Italy - Rome
Maritime and Logistics Management
S&OP: Sales and Operational Planning
Facilities Management for Oil Processing
Oil & Gas Financial Modelling
Hydrocarbon Measuring: Best Practices
Mastering Marketing in the Oil & Gas Industry
Mastering Your Refinery Process
Marketing Oil & Gas B2B

Marketing Oil & Gas B2B

Jul 22 ,2024 - Jul 26 ,2024 Course Details
Decision making Support Systems in Gas & Oil
Cathodic Protection to Avoid the Risks of Corrosion
3-Dimensional Leadership Patterns
Developing an Empathetic Leadership Voice
Understanding Pricing, Trade & the Economic Framework
Authoritarian Leadership Techniques to Achieve a vision
Leadership Skills for senior executives
IT Leadership Skills

IT Leadership Skills

Jul 22 ,2024 - Jul 26 ,2024 Course Details
Mastering Advanced Supervisory Skills