Course Location Spain - Marbella

Marbella is popular for being the finest resort region in Costa del sol on the Mediterranean. It has clean beaches, vibrant night life and luxury areas that are affluent tourists love to patronise all-year-round. Marabella currently has millennium villas that are the most expensive in Spain. The castle walls in this city enclosed a total of 90,000 sq. meters.

Spain - Marbella
Islamic Governance & Functions in Banking
Transaction & Loan Structuring & Sensible Budgeting
Pricing Strategies Based on Revenue
Global Macroeconomic Risks & Challenges
Public-Private Partnership Management
Advanced Dispute Resolution & Negotiation Techniques
Psychological & Criminal Profiling
Upstream Gas & Oil Contracts
Advanced Conference & Event Management
Planning for Continuous Process Improvement
Planning & Implementing Strategic Marketing Procedures
Product Management & Marketing for B2B
Introduction to Forensic Auditing
Developing Quality Service Level Agreements
Assessing and Managing Risk in the Oil and Gas Sector
Maritime and Logistics Management
S&OP: Sales and Operational Planning