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Holistique online courses enable participants to experience a full, accredited, and internationally recognised training courses via a unique designed online platform. During the live real time sessions, you will be able to connect and interact with other peers and Holistique consultants, in the medium of a virtual classroom. All the training material will be provided to ensure that the participant can continue their learning journey, wherever they choose.

SAP Enterprise Resource Management
The Fundamentals of GSM & GPRS
The Future Transformation of Mobile Broadband
Cybersecurity and auditing - all you need to know
Artificial Intelligence Innovation
Managing New IT Demands in Your Business
Investments & Financing in Hospitality
In-depth Mobile Broadband Training
Wireless Networks of the Future
Understanding Gigabit Ethernet Processing
Industrial Processing & Machine Control
Hazard Detection & Mitigation in Construction
Recent Developments & Changes in the Financial Sector
International Banking Laws

International Banking Laws

Apr 18 ,2024 - Apr 18 ,2024 Course Details
Personal & Private Wealth Management
Financial Intermediation in Banking