Becoming An Expert in Contract Management

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Code PO5-102

Duration 5 Days

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Throughout this course you’ll gain the essential skills and knowledge that you need to successfully win a contract over other providers. You’ll understand how to successfully implement a new contract into your business model and follow through to deliver on your promises to your client. You will discover various ways of managing your new contract and reviewing your performance to ensure you continually improve and develop with the contract to keep that revenue rolling in.

This course will help you to evaluate the best contracts for your business style and processes and work to implement them successfully. You’ll work to understand the legalities around contract application and how to push to excel beyond the contract delivery aims. 

During this course, you’ll learn:

  1. How to uncover the best contracts suitable for your organisation.
  2. The legalities when considering implementation. 
  3. The practical application and process creation of contract creation. 
  4. How to recruit the right people for your roles. 
  5. How to cost a contract and deal with financial hurdles. 
  6. How to accurately analyse performance and manage deliverables. 
  7. Manage underperformance and provide progress reports. 
  8. The intricacies of claim and dispute management and what they can mean for your organisation. 

Becoming An Expert in Contract Management is the ideal course for anyone involved in managing contracts or contractors. It’s especially beneficial for:

  • Contract Managers
  • Bid Managers
  • Financial Managers
  • Recruitment Consultants
  • Commercial Managers
  • Construction Managers
  • Procurement Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Buyers
  • Project Managers
  • Engineers
This training is developed to cater to all adult learning styles, with creative presentations and innovative practical exercises to help you indulge in the world of contract management. 
The course will highlight key areas of focus through accessible learning guides and tools and will encourage group discussion to share best practice before creating forward thinking process plans. 

Course Content & Outline

Bidding to Win

  • Consider the tendering process and how to express your interest.
  • How to produce a winning bid against objectives.
  • Looking at terms and conditions and how you can make them work within your organisation.
  • Applying your previous skills to the current bid – how to prove you are the best choice.
  • Reviewing the specifications.
  • Understanding risks and how to mitigate them.
  • Negotiation techniques – how to ensure your deliverables are realistic.



  • Reviewing standard contract types – ICC, FIDIC & NEC.
  • Reviewing your legal standpoint.
  • Warranty clauses, bonds and guarantees.
  • Negotiating realistic KPIs and SLAs and implementing these into your working structure.



  • Understanding the workload and recruiting effectively. 
  • Getting the right people on the job to push productivity. 
  • Reviewing your contract specification and how to deliver with your people. 
  • The legalities around short-term contracts and what it means for your staff. 
  • Alternative resourcing to cover absence or extra workload. 


Process & Procedure Development

  • Tracking changes and implementing fixes. 
  • Managing performance with employees. 
  • Generating buy-in from employees motivate working towards deadlines. 
  • Creating processes to avoid a single point of failures. 
  • Dealing with health & safety implications. 
  • Disaster recovery processes. 
  • Process mapping and plan B application.


Financing Management

  • How to accurately measure costs.
  • Creating a Cost-Benefit Analysis.
  • Where cost cutting can be beneficial and where it could be detrimental.
  • Understanding insurance and your obligations.


Delivering on Agreements

  • Potential claim style or funding queries and how to handle them professionally. 
  • Approaching clients with news on delays or cost problems. 
  • How to handle contract termination. 
  • Penalties and service credits – how to handle your client’s expectations. 
  • Litigation and arbitration. 
  • Liability management – getting your contract terms in place. 
  • Increasing scope or creating realistic expectations. 
  • How to accelerate delivery without cutting corners. 


Reviewing and Revisiting – For Continuous Improvement

  • Creating effective review processes and presentations to display results.
  • Closing out a contract and visiting development areas. 
  • Reviewing delivery times and identifying pain points. 
  • Understanding where processes could have been tighter and agreeing future solutions. 
  • In-depth inspection of suppliers and certification. 

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