Advanced Business Writing Skills

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Code MG1-107

Duration 5 Days

Format Classroom

Advanced Business Writing Skills

Course Summary

The ability to write well is essential in many different roles. It will help people at all levels to be able to communicate with peers and colleagues effectively. Good written communication raises the credibility and professionalism of the company. In this course, delegates are given the skills to ensure that they can develop their writing skills. You will look at how the English language is structured and provide you with core competencies no matter your cultural background to ensure you can communicate effectively with everyone around you. Good communication is key to earning respect and will bring you understanding and commitment from the reader.


The comprehensive material covers presenting factual and complex information in a manner that is clear and accurate and offers skills in conciseness. It shows you how to structure your written English to ensure you get the result you are aiming for. You will also look at report writing and business correspondence to ensure your target audience can easily read and understand your message. When you leave the course, you will understand more about punctuation, grammar, and spelling rules and be confident in applying them within your current role. You will have the ability to converse clearly and influence people with your words.

  • To be able to master rules of grammar and punctuation 
  • To be able to ensure written meaning is crystal clear
  • To understand the nuances of written English on paper or screen to provide a clear understanding
  • To be able to condense English without losing sense for platforms that have a word count limit
  • To be able to understand how language should be used in business documents 
  • To be able to craft letters, speeches, presentations and reports.
  • To be able to use technical terms in a way that can be understood
  • To be able to create clear and concise reports
  • Line Managers
  • Business owners
  • CEOs
  • Supervisors 
  • Business administration staff
  • Administrators
  • Graduates
  • Under Graduates
  • Anyone looking to upskill for future career prospects
Teaching takes place in a variety of settings including face to face in a classroom environment and will ensure that participants can expand their knowledge of the subject and increase their skill set. The course is delivered via various methods by a specialist tutor. This will include PowerPoint presentations, reviewing articles and other relevant materials, group or individual exercises and discussions. There may be some independent work set, and the course will involve a requirement to submit articles to demonstrate understanding and an end of course test. Note-taking is encouraged, and you are welcome to use electronic devices to do this.


The course manual will form part of the learning but give you references for the future. You are encouraged to ask questions and, if needed, spend time one to one with your tutor to go over any issues. During your time in the classroom, you will be able to network with peers in similar roles.

Course Content & Outline

Section 1: Understanding Grammar and Plain English
  • An introduction to English grammar
  • The roots of grammar from Latin to Modern 
  • Mastering punction - using the analogy of traffic signals
  • Overused business words - avoiding and alternatives
  • Why ‘Plain English’ makes so much sense 


Section 2: Advanced Proficiency in Written English
  • The 12 golden rules for writing well
  • Storytelling - the inspiring, persuasive, influential narration
  • Engaging audiences: pushing feeling and detail through writing 
  • How to write newsworthy articles people want to read
  • How to proofread what you have written 
  • Why errors can be embarrassing 


Section 3: How Writing for Online Audiences Differs
  • Email etiquette - what are the rules 
  • Writing for websites and social media 
  • Understanding search engine optimisation 
  • How to keep content relevant 
  • Ensuring your social media posts and tweets get comments and reactions
  • How to blog to create a strong impact on your business


Section 4: Practical Writing Skill and Applications
  • Presentations: Creating impact with memorable key points
  • Speech writing skills: how to motivate and persuade your audience
  • The difference between formal speeches and informal talks
  • Writing business letters: format and structure
  • Creating a powerful call to action


Section 5: Formal Reports & Business Briefing Papers
  • The correct structure of reports ensures they are easy to follow
  • Understanding the importance of tables, graphs and diagrams 
  • Using images for an illustration of essential points 
  • What are the best practices for report writing layout and design
  • A look at white space, margins, typeface, and colour

Certificate Description

Upon successful completion of this training course, delegates will be awarded a Holistique Training Certificate of Completion. For those who attend and complete the online training course, a Holistique Training e-Certificate will be provided.

Holistique Training Certificates are accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) and The CPD Certification Service (CPD), and are certified under ISO 9001, ISO 21001, and ISO 29993 standards.

CPD credits for this course are granted by our Certificates and will be reflected on the Holistique Training Certificate of Completion. In accordance with the standards of The CPD Certification Service, one CPD credit is awarded per hour of course attendance. A maximum of 50 CPD credits can be claimed for any single course we currently offer.

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