Perfecting Your Management and Leadership Skills

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Code MG2-103

Duration 5 Days

Format Classroom

Perfecting Your Management and Leadership Skills

Course Summary

Effective leadership is crucial to the success of any business. This program will help you harness your internal leadership potential by exploring effective strategies, motivating team members, and mastering negotiation and influencing skills to achieve your goals.  

You will examine how managers and leaders within your company can stand up and be accountable, tackle tough challenges, and develop their direct reports. Additionally, you will learn how to leverage personal skills to discover new paths to success. This program is essential for anyone in a leadership role, providing the foundation to drive organisational achievement and inspire excellence within their teams.  

During this course, you’ll be able to:   


  • Exactly know what’s needed to display leadership qualities.   
  • Understand different leadership styles and how to use them.  
  • Understand your staff and get the most out of them.   
  • Know how critical it is to monitor and give feedback on performance.   
  • Effectively motivate a team and get them to work with you, not for you.   
  • Explore essential project planning techniques to increase quality and productivity.   
  • Learn essential time-management techniques and deadline setting.   
  • Learn to deal with difficult or challenging situations.  
  • Understand profitability and how to make the most of your finances.   
  • Think strategically on a high level to benefit the business.   

This course is designed for new managers, supervisors, leaders, or anyone who aspires to be a leader in their company. It’s devoted to imparting the knowledge and skills that make an effective leader and helps you push your teams to the next level.   


The course is perfect for:  


  • First-time managers.  
  • Aspiring managers.  
  • Team Leaders or Supervisors.  
  • Operations Managers.   
  • Production Supervisors.   
  • Project Managers.   
  • Technical Employees.  
  • Company Directors looking to upskill a management team.   

The course focuses on developing effective managers and leaders who can deal with challenging situations and overcome hardships to achieve the best team results. It involves practical learning, psychometric questionnaires, discussion groups, and real-life case study examples.   


You’ll receive essential tips and discover scientific studies and practised models on the best management styles to successfully achieve your goals and have the chance to put them into practice before feeding back on your results.    

Course Content & Outline

Section 1: Climbing the Ladder  


  • From front-line to manager - dealing with the transition.   
  • The differences between a leader and a manager.   
  • What makes an effective leader?  
  • How to become ‘management material.’  
  • Discovering your management style and how to use it.   
  • The functions and competencies of a 21st-century manager.   
  • How your performance affects others.   


Section 2: Management Techniques and the Science Behind Them  


  • The 4D management model (direct, delegate, develop & deliver).   
  • Using the GROW Model.  
  • Implementing SMART Targets.  
  • The Honey and Mumford learning style calculator.   


Section 3: Essential Management Skills - The Basics  


  • Project planning - finding the best team members for the job.   
  • Understanding your profit margins and how to increase them.   
  • Strategic planning - understand why you’re doing things.   
  • Time management and organisation.   
  • Leading by example - getting involved.   
  • Assessing the impacts of decision-making ahead of time.   
  • Developing your network.   
  • Good recruitment and how to select the right people.   


Section 4: Effective Team Building  


  • Developing your communication skills.   
  • Why teamwork is so important to success.   
  • Dealing with difficult situations.   
  • Empathy and your open-door policy.  
  • Influencing and negotiating - when to use your skills.   
  • How to develop trust within your team.   
  • Boundary setting and managing conflict.   


Section 5: Change Management and How to Deal with Push-backs  


  • The psychology behind change.   
  • Recognising and selling the benefits of change.   
  • Generating buy-in to your projects and their importance.   
  • The art of motivation.   
  • Reflect, review and revisit.   


Section 6: Developing Your People  


  • Assessing capabilities and delegating effectively.   
  • The importance of regular meetings.   
  • Discussing performance issues and how to make positive changes.   
  • Upskilling effectively to benefit everyone.   
  • Maintaining focus and setting goals.   
  • Rewarding successes, innovation, and creativity.   


Section7: Utilising Technology to Reach Your Goals  


  • Automation vs. staffing - when is it better to use a computer?  
  • Monitoring success using reporting.   
  • Identifying single points of failure and how to correct these.   
  • Weighing up the pros and cons of CRMs - which will work best for your needs.  

Certificate Description

Upon successful completion of this training course, delegates will be awarded a Holistique Training Certificate of Completion. For those who attend and complete the online training course, a Holistique Training e-Certificate will be provided.

Holistique Training Certificates are accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) and The CPD Certification Service (CPD), and are certified under ISO 9001, ISO 21001, and ISO 29993 standards.

CPD credits for this course are granted by our Certificates and will be reflected on the Holistique Training Certificate of Completion. In accordance with the standards of The CPD Certification Service, one CPD credit is awarded per hour of course attendance. A maximum of 50 CPD credits can be claimed for any single course we currently offer.

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